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Modern Colours for Contemporary Living

In 2017, interior design trends as predicted by Behr are being stripped back – inspired by you, your personality and style, and the world we live in. Spaceslide’s resident interior designer, Andy Briggs, reveals how to update your home for 2017.


Back to nature 

Behr’s first palette, ‘Comfortable’, evokes a natural energy, and houses an array of hues straight from nature. From sharkskin grey to pastel rose, or earthy sage to misty seafoam, this palette would be beautifully complemented by sunshine yellow and vibrant coral accessories. The perfect choice for those looking to put a modern twist on 2016’s hygge, ‘Comfortable’ design trend is brought to life when accompanied by timeless, natural textures such as creamy stone, rough wood and raw soft furnishings, for a calming and relaxing effect throughout the home.

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Into the blue

Suited to vibrant and social personalities, ‘Confident’ also takes its inspiration from the world around us, but is bold, fun and adventurous, embodied by jade green, spicy red, and ocean blue.

Contemporary blue hues flowing naturally through the home are at the forefront of this trend, with Dulux even naming Denim Drift as its Colour of the Year 2017. Dulux said: “Blue is the colour of life; it is the clothes we wear, the sky we gaze at, and the water that revitalises us. Blue has been, and will continue to be, a constant in every aspect of our lives.”

The ‘Confident’ colour palette needn’t stop at the walls – vibrant colour pops in soft furnishings and accessories can achieve this daring effect without too much commitment.

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 Confident sheerLuxe

Born to the purple

For traditionalist looking to create a contemporary space, the ‘Composed’ palette is rich, sophisticated, and mature. Featuring chic neutrals and mysterious earth colours and accessorised with luxurious aubergine, emerald green and inky blue, this palette is for those who aren’t afraid to venture into darker hues when dressing their interiors. Complement this look with metallic splashes of copper and pewter accents throughout the space for a contemporary and edgy effect.

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 Composed danazhome

So, in 2017, to be on trend and contemporary means, in fact, to go back to basics.

3 Simple Steps

Measure, Design, Order

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    Measure the space in your room

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    Design your style using our configurator

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    Place your order & get it installed

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