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GUEST BLOG Dressing better in your 50s

Guest blogger, Michael Adams from men’s fashion and lifestyle blog Michael84 shares his advice for looking stylish in your 50s.

If you find yourself in your 50s, it doesn’t mean you should start to neglect the way you dress. Being stylish in your 50s is surprisingly not difficult to achieve. Whether it is a complete wardrobe overhaul or just a slight injection of style, there’s plenty of ways to create a stylish look. There are a few rules you should always abide by, although there is room for some creativity, and your own personal touches.

The Fit is Key

It’s the statement of dressing well for all ages, but as you get older it becomes increasingly important. Make sure that your clothing fits you, and fit, means they fit. Wearing clothing which is too big is just as bad as wearing something too small. Some guys think that wearing something big will hide your body shape, but trying to disguise your physique will only draw more attention to your ill-fitting fashion.

This is when going into shops and trying clothing on comes into play, or buying from brands which you already own and know how their sizing fits. 

Wardrobe Staples and Colours

Being stylish does not necessarily means having a huge arsenal of clothes. You can in fact get away with a few essential key pieces, or wardrobe staples. You should make sure that you have pieces in staple colours; these include whites, greys, blues and black, depending on the garments, which we’ll get into.

Dark Denim Only

If you still love jeans for casual or day wear, they can still look smart. A good fit is important as previously pointed out, and the colours which are the smartest are indigo or black. Smart means solid, so no tears, rips or any other kind of distressing on the jeans. 

Trousers and Chinos

When you want to dress more conservatively or the occasion dictates, you may want to wear a pair of trousers, which will probably be part of a suit, but can be worn as separates. You can wear smarter neutral coloured chinos, colour blocking can still work if done right, and a pair of camel or sand coloured trousers with a dark shirt could look right.


When it comes to shirts, they should be smart, which means either a plain shirt, or light striping, avoiding patterns such as check. If you haven’t already got a good white shirt, this should be your number one item. They are the most versatile thing you’ll have in your wardrobe, which means you can style them with a number of pieces creating different outfit options. Light blue is going to be your next shirt colour, and I think darker colours such as indigo blue and black can also work, depending on the other outfit options.


Knitwear is your friend, and is key for layering. The time for sweatshirts is over, and you should be wearing cardigans, V-necks and round neck jumpers. Knitwear can be worn in both a casual and formal setting, wearing a roll-neck with a pair of dark denim creates a casual look, or styling a cardigan with a shirt and tie will have you looking smart without over-doing it.

Quality over Quantity

Now we’ve gone into a few of the pieces you should have, you should be buying quality over quantity. There is no need for five or six white shirts, instead buy two or three higher quality shirts. They will feel better on, they’ll fit better, and you’ll feel more confident wearing them.

Investment Pieces

Investment pieces are simply items of clothing which will stand the test of time, not only in their high quality, but they’ll be stylish for years to come. They’re classic, and items which you may already own, and if you don’t, you should be considering adding some to your repertoire. Examples can include a navy blazer jacket, a quality knit or a very good pair of Oxfords.

A Good Watch

A good watch is imperative for the stylish guy. This is one area of your look which you don’t want to get wrong. It is an investment piece, and something which you’re going to be wearing quite a bit, and other men will notice.

A gentlemen’s watch should be analogue and come with a steel or preferably leather strap. Digital watches or smart-watches are for teenagers, your watch should be a quality timepiece.

There are now a lot of affordable Automatic Swiss Made watches, with Larsson And Jennings, Sieko, Tissot and Christopher Ward offering quality understated timepieces for a reasonable price. If you’re prepared to spend a bit more you can go for more prestige watchmakers such as Maurice Lacroix, Longines, Raymond Weil and Baume et Mercier, and if you’re looking for a watch the price of a car, there’s always Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe and of course Rolex.

If you’re looking to get a luxury watch, it’s probably best to buy two; a less expensive watch for day to day, and a luxury piece for those special occasions.

Accessories – Socks, Cufflinks and Pocket Squares

When it comes to socks, you should stick to the classics, and go for black or dark grey. The small details matter, so remember to wear a pocket square in your suit or blazer jacket pocket, and if you’re wearing a double cuff, get a pair of good, understated cufflinks. 

Getting the Footwear Right

Footwear has always been important, and that doesn’t stop when you’re in your 50s.

The time for sporty trainers for everyday use is long over. You should be wearing casual shoes or extremely smart and understated trainers for relaxed occasions, and when it’s time to wear something smarter, you should own a pair of Derby or Oxford shoes.

Dress for the Occasion

Over dressing is just as bad as under dressing. If the situation dictates a more casual dress code, you shouldn’t be wearing a tuxedo or suit; a laid back, good cut pair of chinos with a shirt should be fine. More formal situations may mean suiting up, and don’t forget that tie.

Tips on Things to Avoid

  • No Sportswear / Sweats – Unless you’re going to the gym or working out, you should leave the sweats and sportswear.
  • Don’t try to dress young – Dress for your age and rock it. Leave the baggy tees, baseball caps and hoodies behind.
  • Minimise Branding / Logos – You no longer need to be a billboard for brands.
  • Elegant styling looks more refined and elegant for a gentleman.
  • Verdict Dressing better will not only make you look good, but you’ll also feel good and give you even more confidence with your look.


By Michael Adams, http://www.michael84.co.uk

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