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Creating a Christmas Bedroom

At Christmas time, ornaments, lights and foliage embellish our living rooms, hallways, and kitchen and dining spaces, transforming everyday living spaces into winter wonderlands – but our bedrooms are often forgotten about.

Read on for some Christmas bedroom décor quick tips on how to turn your bedroom into a festive sanctuary, perfect for waking up in on Christmas Day.

Simple swaps for your standard décor

For the first 11 months of the year, our interiors are sorted – each piece of furniture, storage and accessories has its own place in the home. However, when December hits, space can become a real issue, with Christmas trees, gifts, and standing accessories taking over much of the floor space. The influx of festive pieces often necessitates a complete furniture reshuffle – something not always possible in a smaller bedroom space.

To keep your bedroom a clutter-free, relaxing sanctuary, start the Christmas makeover by simply swapping out your standard décor with a Christmas upgrade for your soft furnishings. Bedding, cushion covers and throws can change the mood of your room in an instant, without taking up any extra space.

Glass & Mirrors

When giving your bedroom a Christmas makeover, your accessories needn’t be bold or imposing. Window panes, mirrored furniture and glass doors can be brought to life with simple delicate touches, such as snowflake transfers or spray snow.

Utilise all of your hanging space

Hanging decorations at Christmas time is nothing new, with wreaths, baubles and fairy lights all playing a key role in the majority of festive looks. When it comes to Christmas bedroom décor, don’t be blinded by the lack of a tree to hang your trinkets from – windows, ceilings, and light fixtures are perfect for suspending a statement ornament or branch from, without adding clutter to your surfaces or floor space.

Make the most of lighting

Lighting can have a huge impact on a room’s ambience, and is the perfect way to give your bedroom a minimalist festive update. Whether woven through your bedframe, hung from the ceiling, clustered in a mason jar or draped round your freestanding bedroom furniture, fairy lights can turn your room into a winter wonderland at the flick of a switch.

Bring the outside in

Many festive looks are dominated by foliage, resulting in a beautifully classic design – ideally suited to lovers of the current Scandinavian minimalist trend. If you don’t have room for an extra tree in your room, a simple branch or a demi-wreath can serve the purpose instead.

When bringing the outside in, scent also shouldn’t be forgotten – the aroma of cloves and pine can instantly transport you to the fondest of Christmas memories. Scented candles, diffusers, and orange cloves can bring a wonderfully warm Christmas scent into your room, making your bedroom feel like a cosy festive hideaway.

Whilst the bedroom may not traditionally be the focal point in the home for festive decorations, it is the room where Christmas begins for us all.  Whether you’re bouncing out of bed to open presents, pulling back the curtains to see if it’s a White Christmas, or having a cheeky breakfast in bed, these simple swaps and subtle accessories can help make your Christmas morning truly magical from the moment you open your eyes.

3 Simple Steps

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