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Broken plan living using modern room dividers to conquer your space

A few years ago, open-plan living was all the rage but, with increased focus on technology and the individual, designers are turning more towards broken-plan living.

Broken plan living

Dividing your overall space, using modern sliding room dividers, glass doors and split levels, means you can create break-out zones for privacy, but also areas for entertaining when the mood takes you. Here are a few things you need to bear in mind when dividing your space.


One of the main features of open plan living is the use of light; the idea that light flows from room to room, allowing each to appear bigger than they are, while also creating a relaxing ambience. Closing this off and stopping the light flow can leave you with dark, depressing areas that you can’t entertain in or wouldn’t want to spend time in alone. However, there are ways to get around this – internal windows, transparent room dividers and partial walls will all allow light in.

Glass doors are another great way of allowing light in. Using transparent glass doors to connect to bathrooms or smaller rooms will keep them illuminated and will get rid of dark corners.

Split Levels

Although open-plan living creates a sense of space and sociability, split levels allow for private spaces, while also maintaining an element of openness. Split levels can hideaway your kitchen and bedrooms, and give you dedicated spaces for entertaining. Another positive of this broken-plan style of living is that you can create more storage options. By keeping your sociable areas ‘downstairs’, your upper rooms can double up as storage spaces, hidden away from your guests.

Half Walls

An alternative to split-levels are half-walls. A half-wall between a dining area and kitchen acts as a visual block from the cooking area when you’re enjoying a meal with family or guests. This also means you can keep conversation going, and an eye on your guests, when you’re in the kitchen.

Half-walls are also a perfect way to keep things hidden. You could always install one in your bathroom, or even use it for storage and create one between your living room and kitchen, complete with shelves and draws.

Widen your Doorways and Windows

Instead of closing up all your rooms, why not widen your doors and windows as an effective compromise. Skylights are another way to add natural light and, as a result, a sense of space. If you have a series of connecting rooms that are relatively dark, as well as widening windows and doors, why not also add mirrors; an easy way of adding light and length.

Broken-plan living is a stylish compromise in modern times. We all love to entertain and have sociable spaces in our homes but, occasionally everyone likes their own sanctuary to escape to; a safe-zone without computers and away from busy day-to-day life.

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