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Best Ways to Store Accessories

Coco Chanel famously said, “Before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” But where to store these accessories?

Coco Chanel famously said, “Before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory.”  But where to store these accessories?  If you have a multitude of fashion items you enjoy adorning yourself with, the likelihood is you are faced with the problem of how to house everything, whilst having them easily accessible when you are planning an outfit.  To help you out, we’ve selected our favourite clever storage solutions for a range of different fashion accessories.



Whilst there are lots of storage solutions for handbags such as a drawer under the bed or a hanging system within the wardrobe or behind the bedroom door, we’ve also seen some great and interesting examples of storing handbags by making them a feature throughout the home.  Select similar shades to complement the palette of a particular room, or combine colours for a dazzling centrepiece.

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Who would have thought that your local stationery outlet could help you with storing your purses?  Being flatter than handbags, purses and clutch bags can be stored in affordable magazine box files or mail holders.  For those who are creative and like their home crafts, you can purchase plain box files and personalise them to your own taste.


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There are a variety of both traditional and contemporary umbrella stands available on the market, but we thought we’d try and find something a little bit unusual.  Martha Stewart’s design inspiration for a welcoming entranceway shows how wall pegs can be used to horizontally mount your brollies and parasols.




This DIY clothes pin scarf holder is a great project for when you have a little time to set aside to make it.  All you need is a 2x4, some wood glue, a picture frame wire kit and about dozen wooden clothes pegs.  Rather than having all your scarves folded and all mixed up, this holder provides pretty and accessible storage, plus having the scarves hanging this way removes the need for ironing.




Evoking the retro pull-out tea towel rails of the 1980s, a retractable belt holder makes clever use of a small, narrow space at the side of a wardrobe or behind a door, whilst concealing all your belts and keeping your room looking neat and tidy.  Or, if you prefer to make a feature of your belts, we like the idea of layering them all up on a clothes dummy.

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Whether you have an abundant collection of headwear or just have your token cowboy hat, baseball cap, trilby or beanie, hats can be tricky items to store due to their varying shapes and sizes and their sometimes delicate form.  A hat stand is the obvious choice; but what about maximising the space closer to the ceiling to secure a chain or rope and hang your hats just within reach?




This sunglasses holder is another easy DIY project.  The design idea originated from a mum whose shades kept getting broken by her children when left around the house.  Having a place to hang them out of reach allows you to keep them safe and scratch-free, but also to add some of your personal design style to a wall in your home.



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