Five Clever Ways to Store Shoes

A dog is a man’s best friend…but shoes are a girl’s! They are such an essential part to every outfit and, as Marilyn Monroe said: “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world!” But how to store them? Spaceslide product manager, Eleanor Harvey, has found five clever storage ideas to keep your shoes organised and in top-top shape.

Keeping shoes organised is important not only for easy access to finding the right shoes for your outfit, but also for prolonging the life of your shoes.  It’s so easy to just throw them carelessly in a cupboard, maybe even a drawer, and let them get scuffed or squished.  Shoes need love and care and need to be kept neat and tidy.  Sometimes though, finding the space to store an array of footwear can be a challenge.

Here are some suggestions I’ve found for clever ways to store your shoes, some of which are rather unexpected!


1. RACKS & SHELVES WITHIN FITTED WARDROBES – Our Premier Storage Kits have been specially designed to offer a variety of solutions to suit any space, including shelving and shoe racks with multiple spaces to place shoes.

2. BOOKCASE – Who would have ever thought to put shoes on a bookcase?  If you prefer not to have your beautiful heels hidden away, a bookcase is an ideal display solution whilst keeping them tidy and accessible.  Forget rummaging around trying to find the right pair of shoes for your outfit.  This way, the right pair is within easy reach at all times!


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3. CAROUSEL – A shoe carousel is guaranteed to put your shoes in a spin!  With revolving shoe shelving, it can be a feature in a room or fit neatly into your cupboard or wardrobe.  To make your own, try this handy DIY Lazy Susan Shoe Storage How To Guide from

4. LADDER – With a ladder, the sky is the limit to how many heeled shoes you can house; it just depends on how tall the ladder is, so opt for one with lots of rungs to hook the heels on.  This is a great option for DIY-lovers who can salvage an old wooden ladder and style it to your taste – whether you like the raw appeal of natural wood, or prefer to paint it to get either a distressed, vintage finish or a bright, modern feature in your room


5. CUSTOM-BUILT DRAWERS – Consider areas in your home where space is yet to be maximised and commission someone to make some bespoke storage solutions for you.  The area under the stairs is always a tricky space to get the most out of, yet there always ingenious solutions to be found, as pictured below. 

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Surely one of these five clever storage ideas is sure to offer your shoes the careful storage they truly deserve!

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