3 Amazing Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms

Multi-award winning home interiors blogger, writer and presenter, Jen Stanbrook, has teamed up with Spaceslide to showcase her interior design inspirations. In this blog, Jen offers her expert advice in finding clever storage solutions for smaller bedrooms…

Jen Stanbrook

It can be one of the most difficult rooms to design, and the one that we need more advice on than any other in the home. The small bedroom is a beautiful space when we get it right but finding the right furniture and storage solutions can be tricky and time consuming. If you’re looking to create a dreamy haven of a bedroom for either you, your children or your guests then you’ll need great storage and we have 3 amazing storage solutions for small bedrooms you’re going to love.


Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Signature doors

When you have a smaller bedroom, you need to create a feeling of space. You want the room to feel uncluttered and orderly, plus you want clever storage to help you design the relaxing haven you deserve. One of the best products you can install, which achieves all of this and more, is the sliding wardrobe door. Custom made to fit your particular space it enables you to plan and build storage that suits your individual needs, and because it won’t open out into the room, it’s ideal for the smaller bedroom.

Glass doors 

Choose your sliding wardrobe door in a mirrored finish and you’re doubling the benefits of using this ideal storage fitting. The mirror helps maximise the dimensions of the room, bouncing the light and giving the illusion of a larger space. The practical uses are there too of course; no need for any further mirrors in the room, freeing up the space for other requirements.

Under Bed Storage

 Like folks

Credit: Little Folks Furniture

We often put the smallest person into the smallest bedroom yet underestimate how many belongings they usually have. As a baby they come with paraphernalia galore and you long for he toddler years when they can go in a bed and you do away with the changing table and shelves of nappies. However, they soon start acquiring a host of colourful plastic playthings which they adore and you long to hide. So, let’s introduce you to under-bed storage.

Little Folks 

Move them into a bed like this with a huge sliding drawer for all their belongings now, then when they get older, add a mattress and you’re ready for sleepovers.  It’s a big space so could become an easy target for mass storage, so divide up the drawer with smaller boxes to help keep it neat and ordered. Don’t forget to add box labels to help and encourage your child to tidy away their toys at the end of the day.


Jewellery Storage


 Credit: Black by Design

While it’s not imperative for everyone, finding a solid, practical storage solution for your jewellery in a small bedroom is a must. It’s one of the easiest possessions to get damaged and, because it’s so delicate, requires more care when it’s not in use. You won’t want it thrown in an unattractive cardboard box, so finding the most practical and stylish looking solution is essential.

The Tesora Jewellery Stand above, designed by Sung Wook Park for Umbra, has a concrete resin base and three lovely copper plated tiers of varying heights. It will look stunning on your dressing table, bedside table or chest of drawers and you’ll never have to fight your bracelets apart again.

 HG Designs

Image: H&G Designs

Alternatively, use your jewellery storage as a readymade wall display; your very own bespoke art. Make the most of the walls using a specific jewellery display unit like this one from H&G Designs and free up table top space you can then use for other purposes.

From large to small we’ve identified 3 amazing storage solutions for small bedrooms that really do the job they were designed for, as well as add great looks and design to your beautiful home. We’re sure you have more ideas though so do let us know – what’s your perfect storage solutions for small bedrooms?

Custom made to fit your particular space it enables you to plan and build storage that suits your individual needs, and because it won’t open out into the room, it’s ideal for the smaller bedroom. We also offer wardrobe interiors to enhance your storage solutions further!

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